Case Study – Sue and Geoff Looser.

Sue: As we are both aged 47 plus but love to ski two or three times a year, we realised we needed a specific training programme in order to get the most out of our trips. Even more so as we have sedentary lifestyles and jobs and do not participate in regular sport. We also didn’t want to continue taking painkillers to mask our aches and pains when we were on the slopes.
Before coming across Nolan we felt it would be sufficient to do the usual cardio gym sessions a couple of times a week to improve our overall fitness. However, we found we never pushed ourselves and instead ended up using equipment and exercise that we liked that were not necessarily the correct ones for us.  For example, Geoff has back problems and I have a problem with my knees but we didn’t know what exercise were required to strengthen these.
Nolan has re-educated our approach to ski-specific training by devising us our own individual fitness programme: using flexibility training through stretching various muscles, strength, balance and core training.
No two sessions are the same and Nolan certainly incorporates variety and, at times, very challenging exercises which do give us a sense of personal achievement at the end of the sessions. The exercises are even fun! (well……sometimes!!!)
Having trained with Nolan for nearly a year, and the fact that we have not experienced muscle fatigue when skiing is proof it works. Now back pain & dodgy knees are things of the past!
Nolan: Although Sue and Geoff are both training to improve their skiing, their programmes are very different. Their injuries dictated the initial phase of their training programme and had to be addressed straight away as pain alters movement. They also have very different nervous systems which meant different speeds of progression. They both have much improved strength in the key muscle required for skiing, glutes, quads, hamstrings, lats and lower back. They are now able to maintain their form during all the gym based exercises which translates to a better more productive skiing experience for both of them.