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Personal Training

Your body deserves the best! You wouldn’t fix a filling without a visit to the dentist, or try a new hairstyle without the expertise of a good hair stylist. So, when it comes to toning up and trimming down why leave it to chance and get second best results?

Injury Rehabilitation

Human movement is a combination of well orchestrated systems. When these systems are damaged in any way or don't fully interact with each other, dysfunction or pain can occur. In a health club setting, this can be due to to poor lifting or running technique, inappropriate exercise selection or not progressing at the right pace [...]

Exercise & Performance

  For most sports increasing strength and power is essential but should not compromise bodyweight or speed. The correct conditioning can significantly amplify upper and lower body strength gains making you for your chosen discipline. In sports speed over the first five yards (Poliquin) is the defining factor between first and second to a ball [...]

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Fat Loss

For the majority of people who have tried to lose weight or get healthy, you know how hard and frustrating it can be. Trying to change eating patterns and exercise habits which have been there for years is tough enough, without the confusion on the best methods to use and different advice from so called [...]

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