Client Testimonials

Over the years I’ve been privileged to build some very close relationships with my fitness and nutrition clients. Here’s just a few of the things they had to say about me.

I purchased a twelve week training block with Nolan. After being a member of different gyms and seeking advice from various gym instructors, Personal trainers etc, i finally recognised the knowledge and expertise offered by Nolan.! !

My aim was to shed a few pounds (like most people), but more importantly i wanted to learn how to ‘train smart’. I definitely received this with the program implemented by Nolan. My eyes were opened to the realms of olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Never before did i think i would carrying out these movements. !

I followed a structured program created by Nolan consisting of conditioning and weightlifting. I have never enjoyed my training as much as i did when i had my PT sessions with Nolan. I Followed the plan and was delighted with the results, i felt leaner but more importantly i felt stronger and my overall fitness improved dramatically.!

Nolan gave me the confidence and ability to train with heavy weights, thanks to him, i now feel confident to walk into any gym environment and train independently.! ! He inspired me to take things one step further and embark on a sport and exercise science degree, changing my life completely. !

I cannot recommend Nolans PT sessions high enough.!

Marnie Chapman
I have suffered lower back pain with regular trips to the chiropractor but felt I needed more help to solve this issue and also lose some unwanted body fat and generally feel fitter.

I under went a 12 week course with Nolan Sunnassee and within the first 3 weeks, the exercises he gave me to do made a marked positive effect on my back. The specific stretching and balancing exercises left me with no more pain at all! Over the following weeks I became fitter, stronger and pain free. I also lost around 10 pounds of body fat.

Nolan’s knowledge is second to none. His body analysis was incredibly accurate and his techniques for improvement really work! You get what you pay for in terms of personal training and Nolan is worth every penny!

Peter Slegg, Director
If you follow exactly what Nolan says about eating you will lose weight! Simple…but not always easy to do. In my first three months I lost over a stone and because of the specific exercises I changed my body shape as well as dropping a dress size.”

Nolan is not just your trainer he becomes your life coach during the work out session.

Mo Oliver, Retired Headmistress
Some of us have been privileged enough to have experienced the bespoke fitness programme that Nolan delivers with complete dedication and enthusiasm. He has developed almost a 4th dimension of observing and understanding the fundamental mechanical cogs of the human body. As the weeks progress, Nolan continuously scrutinises the range and potential of every muscle strengthening any weak muscles and correcting built up overcompensation. He has a wealth of information at his fingertips.

Nolan’s “people skills” are fine tuned to an impressive degree. On a personal level, he is a noble gentleman with a great sense of humour.

If you invest in your health by choosing Nolan, follow your specific dietary recommendations and complement the personal training with your own gym sessions the results can be astounding. In my personal experience, it was as if an artist was resculpting the muscles of the entire body so that firmer swathing was upholding a superior posture with greater inner strength and vitality.

The day will come when we will all feel compelled to factor in Nolan’s unique style personal training (currently we prioritise servicing our cars) as the primary prerequisite for good health, thus happiness and longevity.

Thank you Nolan for developing and continuously striving hard to enhance your professional training programme to which I would warmly welcome life membership.

Kalpana Bottomley
I have been training with Nolan for nearly two years, and he has become part of my everyday life, not only is he my trainer, but he has also become my friend.

I started training with Nolan to lose weight, feel more confident in myself and my abilities, and to look good in my clothes. With Nolan’s help and guidance, I have lost inches, which in turn has made me feel more confident. I feel better in my clothes and have been surprised at the strength I have gained weight training. The increased strength has helped me greatly in my day to day living, and massively with everyday chores like gardening, which I now find much easier.

This year has been a tough year for me, losing my mother, but I continued to train. As someone who likes alcohol and food (especially during tough times), I did not put on as much weight as I would of done, had I not had that help and support from Nolan. It really helps to abstain if you know you have gym in the morning; no one wants to lift weights with a hangover!

If you are looking to change your bad habits and want to feel happier and more confident within your own skin, I would highly recommend Nolan as a personal trainer. Feel the fear and do it anyway! I guarantee it will be the best decision you make this year.

Lynn Hedges
I have always liked to keep myself relatively fit and have been a member of various gyms over the last 25 years.

During this time I have also experienced a number of personal trainers, some better than others. Approximately 10 years ago I had the sudden onset of rheumatoid arthritis, a debilitating condition which had a severe effect on my ability to continue training. As a result of this my training up until approx. 2 years ago had been sporadic. While I had attempted to go down the personal training route again, I had been unable to find someone who was able and willing to recognise the challenges that keeping fit and training with rheumatoid arthritis posed.

Then I joined the gym at Clarice House and someone recommended me to speak to Nolan Sunnassee. Following an assessment with him I signed up and began training with him approx. 20 months ago. We were both initially on a learning curve as to how much I could physically do because of the RA. However Nolan recognises my limitations and will work with me to work out alternative ways of doing certain exercises which may prove difficult because of my medical condition. As a result of this my fitness levels have significantly increased. From my point of view Nolan possesses the qualities that other personal trainers have lacked. He treats you as an individual and will train appropriately. He is completely focused on me during our sessions and will push me to the limit (and sometimes beyond) and I always come away feeling a sense of accomplishment.

If you just want to improve your levels of fitness of have specific goals you are seeking to achieve I would highly recommend you consider having a chat with Nolan.

Steve Hollingsworth
At 60, after a lifetime of strenuous physical activities, I thought I knew how to stay fit and strong. Yet I had been struggling with energy and back/joint issues for a decade. Something had to change and I decided to ‘invest’ in my future health by getting some 1-2-1 guidance. Nolan started by recommending some dietary changes. Then, over the next few months, he completely updated and ‘modernised’ my understanding of exercise and fitness. I particularly valued his literally ‘hands-on’ kindness with a client whose best days were being mourned. Whether you are young or old, male or female, I have no hesitation in recommending Nolan’s exceptional services.
Andy Phillips
I first met Nolan in August 2011. I had been told to do more exercise a year previously as I had high blood pressure and I was seriously overweight and whilst I’d managed to get my blood pressure to a normal level the weight wouldn’t shift. Nolan has always been responsive to my needs. We sat down, talked about eating plans and doing different forms of exercise – and I’ve lost over 4 stone in weight so far. He also introduced me to weightlifting – I’ve lifted more weight than I could ever imagine have doing five years ago!

Nolan gives his clients the tools to succeed with programmes that have always been varied, enjoyable and challenging. He always knows how to get the best from you. If I was to sum up Nolan’s programme – it’s not about exercising, it’s about exercising right; it’s not about how much you eat, but about eating right. There have been many ups and downs along the way, but Nolan is always there to give advice and will help you develop your exercise outside of any PT sessions to help develop your exercise further. He really is someone who will go the extra mile to help you succeed.

Tom Hughes
We have worked with Nolan for over 5 years. As a couple in retirement who have each suffered skiing injuries over the years, our priorities are flexibility, mobility and general fitness. Nolan works on our weaknesses and reinforces our general good health. He is patient, good humoured but innovative and constantly challenges us. Most importantly he makes us want to turn up to work out.
Elspeth and John Hutchinson
I started training with Nolan Sunnassee in May, having wanted to improve my general levels of fitness and to lose weight. During my workouts which were scheduled at two per week Nolan was supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. He was extremely motivating and was always quick to address any longstanding injuries which may have been causing me trouble.

Having recovered from breast cancer surgery I was sometimes restricted in my arm movements around the site of the operation. Nolan always made allowances for this problem during my exercise regime and, if I had any physiological weaknesses – in my case tendinitis of both knees and Achilles heel tendinopathy – he would help me to either use the power plate to help ease the muscle tension or would help me to stretch the concerned muscle groups.

The balance of aerobic exercise on five different machines, eg. rower, , cross trainer, cycle, followed by controlled weight lifting and floor exercises always made me feel a sense of achievement when I had completed the session. I was not always the most enthusiastic of clients but I always worked to the best of my ability and my excellent results were a reflection of Nolan’s expertise. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nolan Sunnassee as a Personal Trainer.

Ann Masters
I have all my life suffered from chronic fatigue . I started to practice with Nolan three years ago at the age of 15 with no interest or motivation for anything and specially gym. Nolan has with his unique method of motivating showed me to a new world of health, good nutrition and exercise. My whole life and my attitude towards the health and active life has changed. I exercise every day and eat healthy, and this has boosted my day to day energy to a surprising level. Now I am a confident energetic young man, ready to go to uni to work harder than ever and im just getting started. Thank you Nolan.