Clarice House Personal Trainer Nolan Sunnassee highlights the importance for exercise for all ages.

Average life expectancy for a man was 65 years old in 1950 and by 2050 its estimated to be 91 years old (Dept of Work & Pensions) With life expectancy growing rapidly in our society, exercise is a great way to enhance your health and well being for years to come.

Keeping fit through exercise has been proven to provide great benefits for our aging population, these include:


  • Lowers risk of dementia (Ahlskog 2011)
  • Reduces speed of muscle wasting and heart failure (Gielen 2012)
  • Maintains and improves decision making, memory and attention (Voss 2011)
  • Preserving muscle mass and strengthen tendons and bones. This helps to protect against falls and injuries (Mayer 2011)
  • Helps with depression (Lindwell 2011)
  • Quality of life (Lin 2007)
  • Reduces risk of major diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer (Nied 2002)
  • As a marker for longevity (Koch 2011)


So being too old to exercise is no longer an excuse!



One of clients Christine, a 65 year old lady, with very little exercise experience being able to lift her over 8½ stone (55kg) with only 4 months of guided fitness training.



Christine now performs lateral jumps.