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In the past 50 years we have seen obesity levels triple. In 15 years time, 50% of the UK’s population is excepted to be overweight or obese. The typical advice of low fat, low calorie, eat in moderation simple doesn’t work. So what’s the problem? Firstly, the unit of measurement almost everyone lives by is [...]

Why Men Can Lose Weight Easier than Women?

FACT: it’s harder for women to lose weight than men. This may be unfair, but a Darwinian hypothesis states that it’s just the female body’s natural way of fighting energy deficits to preserve fertility. When women aren’t getting enough calories, ovulation and hormones responsible for reproduction get suppressed. From a biochemical perspective, a 2009 study [...]

Top food for your ticker

Want a healthy heart? Then include pomegranate juice, seeds or the whole fruit into your diet today. A 2004 study found that by drinking a daily 50ml glass of pomegranate juice, patients with narrowed arteries halved the damage caused by cholesterol. However, the juice was drunk every day for three years. Later in a 2005 [...]

Breast Cancer risk reduced with walnuts

Walnuts are an excellent source of nutrition providing protein, omega 3, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. New research has discovered they also help to reduce the risk of breast cancer. The Nutrition and Cancer Journal reports that the study from Marshall University found compounds contained within walnuts actually changed the gene activity relating to breast cancer. [...]

Is STRESS effecting my health?

We all encounter stress, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. Some stress is actually good for us, such as exercise but some can make us very ill. Long term stress can negatively effect your autoimmune system, which can lead to chronic diseases (Belgrade University 2008). When the body is stressed it stimulates the sympathetic [...]

HIIT your exercise hard

For quick changes to your body shape go for high intensity interval training (HIIT). Proven to help you promote fat loss, the technique also improves your ability to process sugar, increase metabolism and improve performance. HIIT has been around for many years and can be done in various ways using different types of CV equipment [...]

Fat Loss Foods

Green Tea Green tea is a stimulant that possesses thermogenic properties, which means it increases energy release in the body (Westerterp-Plantenga 2010). Various studies also show it aid cardiovascular and metabolic health due to the levels of catechins it contains (Wolfram 2007).   Cinnamon Cinnamon increases energy expenditure but also has demonstrated in tests to [...]

Go nuts over nuts

Nuts are an excellent source of protein, good fats, antioxidants and minerals to power and repair your body. A recent study highlighted the benefits of eating nuts for people suffering from metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome effects 33% of the population in the UK and is a group of illnesses that relate to increased risk of [...]

The Truth about: Chocolate

Scientists in the British Medical Journal December 2004 examined all current research into food and health. They wanted to investigate what foods would significantly reduce cardiovascular disease (biggest killer in the world). The ingredients of the meal they produced included many of the foods you would consider healthy but also on the list was chocolate! [...]

Stopping your Weight Loss Relapses

A study in the American Society of Clinical Nutrition identified the main reasons to prevent weight gain after an initial successful weight loss programme. They found the more successful people continued to exercise regularly, had a support network during difficult times, approached problems directly and adapted ways of overcoming these problems. The people who relapsed [...]

Case Study – Performance and Rehabilitation

Case Study : Triathlon - Claire Van Helfteren.  Claire Van Helfteren hired Clarice House Personal Trainer Nolan Sunnassee to help her start to running again after two ankle operations which had prevented her from exercising normally for over two years. Claire: I started training with Nolan having had two ankle operations in 2010 and 2011. [...]

Why cant you LOSE WEIGHT? Top FAT LOSS barriers

Clarice House Personal Trainer Nolan Sunnassee outlines to key reasons why people find it hard to lose weight. As summer is rapidly approaches many are seeking to lose weight in order to get that beach body. But what the major reasons why you can’t lose weight and get into shape?  Toxicity - Chemicals, heavy metals, [...]

Swiss Balls – Why Use Them?

Clarice House Personal Trainer Nolan Sunnassee investigates the benefits of using Swiss Balls. Swiss balls are common place within gyms around the world now but what benefits do they provide for the average gym goer? Made popular by rehabilitation specialists in Switzerland over sixty years ago and popularised by American physical therapists (Chek 1996, 2000), [...]

AGE is NO Restriction for your Fitness

Clarice House Personal Trainer Nolan Sunnassee highlights the importance for exercise for all ages. Average life expectancy for a man was 65 years old in 1950 and by 2050 its estimated to be 91 years old (Dept of Work & Pensions) With life expectancy growing rapidly in our society, exercise is a great way to [...]

How many repetitions should i do when lifting weights?

Simplistically repetitions are dictated by your goals:   Reps Goal 1-3 Power 1-5 Strength 6-8 Functional Hypertrophy 8-12 Hypertrophy 12-15 Strength Endurance 15+ Endurance   In reality you have to consider many other factors, such as the persons training age, training experience, chronological age, sports participated in, body type, flexibility, nervous system, technical ability, past [...]

Should I Take More Protein To Improve My Results?

This is a commonly asked question which depends on various factors. Protein is a macromolecule that is found in fish, meat, eggs, nuts, etc. Proteins have many important functions in the body, including supporting repair, growth, producing hormones and enzymes as well as making antibodies, balancing fluid levels and as an energy and potential carbohydrate [...]

Perfect Your Exercise for Perfect Results

Want to get the best results from your exercise? Then you need to ensure your movement is using the right muscles in the right sequences. Anyone I have trained over the years will tell you that the most important part of improving any exercise is technique. Great technique will make the line of force from [...]

Case Study – Sailing Performance

Pete is a local sailing champion who has been successful over the past 7 years in B14 Class. He was national champion two years running and runner up in the World Championships in Australia in 2009. During this time he was personal training with Clarice House Strength and Conditioning Coach Nolan Sunnassee. Pete: I started [...]


When most people undertake an exercise programme they have a clear picture of what they would like to achieve from it. Whether its fat loss, muscle strength, toning, training for a sport or event, its important to note that exercises are NOT created equally. The muscles, bones, connective tissue and nervous system in your body [...]

Glycemic Load Foods

Glycemic Load Foods. Confused about what to eat when you are trying to lose fat? A good starting point is to learn about how your food affects your blood sugar, as high blood sugar is related to various illness and weight gain (Elliot 2002, Apovian 2004). The University of Toronto in 1981 developed the idea [...]

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