Eddy Lewis, a 52 year old Accountant, began personal training two years ago mainly to help with pain management. He believed that getting exercise expertise may improve his movement and lower his pain levels. Having had a major accident when younger which shattered part of his tibia, Eddy had a metal rod inserted into his leg to give stability and alignment for the leg.

Eddy: I hired Nolan to help guide my exercise and health routine to make sure I wasnt going to hurt myself in the gym. I did want to lose weight as well but didnt realistically think it was possible to lose a lot, as I had been overweight for years. The sessions were varied and although they could be challenging, the results were amazing.

Nolan: Eddy had a lot of movement dysfunctions from his injury and was also carrying a lot of weight when we started. In terms of training, we had to reprogramme his movement first,  in order to reduce pain so he could move more efficiently. On the nutritional side, although Eddy thought he had a healthy diet, some of the food he consumed were increasing his inflammation. As a Biosignature Modulation Practitioner, a rapid fat loss technique, I was able to help him trim down quickly which also reduced his pain.

Eddy: After 7 weeks on the Biosig programme I went from 14 stone 10lbs to 13 stone 2 lbs. My bodyfat went from 28% to 20%, my shape seemed to change overnight, I felt like I could do so much more and more importantly my pain reduced significantly.

Now pain free Eddy has exercises to get stronger and is now able to squat 110kg to the floor and deadlift 125kg from a bodyweight of 80kg, something he never believed possible.