Case Study: Elspeth Hutchinson.
Elspeth is a local housewife approaching her 65th birthday. Generally active with gardening, decorating, gym and finally ski-ing, she has suffered badly for some years from the onset of cervical spondylosis. This is an age-related degeneration of the vertebrae and discs in the neck. Elspeth endured severe head and neck pain on a regular basis and was laid low by bouts of dizziness and nausea. These were caused by inflammation in the neck which can be quite dangerous as there is the possibility it can cut off the supply of blood to the brain.
Elspeth: Before I started working with Nolan about 3 years ago. I seemed to be on a downward spiral with regular spells of pain and dizziness relieved only by painkillers and visits to the physiotherapist and osteopathic practitioner who produced relief but no long term improvement. Initially, Nolan focused on stretching and manipulation to relieve the pain and dizziness. Then he introduced strengthening exercises which have dramatically cut the number of head and neck aches and virtually eliminated the dizziness and nausea. Having suffered so much when using weights, working in my much loved garden or even doing a bit of painting, I was initially wary of any exercise involving weights but gradually Nolan gained my trust and gave me the confidence to move forward.
Nolan: Elspeth exercise rehabilitation was more complex then most cases due to the prolonged period of time she had issues before she came to see me. We focused on improving her posture through various techniques I have been trained in during my studies around the world. This gave her pain relief and over a period of time her muscles became accustomed to being in the much improved optimal position they should be in. In addition to this she felt she had more freedom and ultimately increased confidence to do more and exercise to a higher level.