Case Study: Claire Spurway.

With the London 2012 Olympic Games only a few months away, thousands of athletes around the world are training hard to reach the standard for this once in a lifetime opportunity. One such athlete is Claire Spurway, who hopes to represent Great Britain in the 200m sprint event. Claire, from London, travels to Colchester twice a week to be coached by Clarice House Personal Trainer Nolan Sunnassee.

Claire says: ‘I have been training for many years in preparation for reaching the Olympic Games and being a Personal Trainer myself I felt my training methods were effective. However, when I met Nolan I realised that many of the techniques i had been using were ineffective and some actually detrimental to running faster. From the various assessments he carried out, he identified my weakness and taking my event into account, tailored a programme to improve my strength. Since starting the programme my body feels so much better and I now feel confident I will reach my goal.’

Nolan says ‘Claire was very imbalanced when we first met, which was actually causing her to be weaker and slower. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Switching on muscles which were not working at their optimal level meant her structure could take more force. Consequently Claire is performing with greatly improved power; an essential quality for a sprinter.’