A study in the American Society of Clinical Nutrition identified the main reasons to prevent weight gain after an initial successful weight loss programme.

They found the more successful people continued to exercise regularly, had a support network during difficult times, approached problems directly and adapted ways of overcoming these problems. The people who relapsed tended to eat unconsciously due to an emotional event (Kaymen 1990).

Some key ways of keeping your weight off are:

  • Keep a food diary or photo your food. Using a food diary your are 3 times more likely to lose weight but even more effective is the take a picture of each meal and snacks you have. Just before the next meal look at everything you have had today and that will put into perspective the amount you have eaten and are about to eat.
  • Set yourself short term, medium term and long term goals but look at the big picture. Losing 5lbs one week and gaining 1lb the next is still a 4lb loss over two weeks.
  • Vary your exercise – doing the most effective exercises is very important but add variety if you tend to lose focus easily.
  • Let people know you are trying to maintain or improve your weight loss. This will make you more accountable and help to stay focused.
  • Change your lifestyle to add simple ways of improving your health.
  • Have a cheat meal every so often. My clients will tell you i insist on them having a cheat meal every few weeks as it improve metabolism and helps you stick to your eating plan.