The Karolinksa Institute in Sweden found that eating 300g of Spinach significantly increases the oxygen available to your muscles. They found the nitrates in spinach allow the cells to work 5% more effectively. What is probably more amazing is that the effect can occur after only 3 days of consumption (Weitzberg 2011).


Kale is rated the number one nutritional vegetable by the United States Department of Agriculture due to having high levels of antioxident power (1770 ORAC value). Additionally, it contains cancer fighting phytochemical indoles and is high in sulforaphane which protects against breast, cervical and colon cancer (Journal of Nutrition).


Celery has chemicals acetylenic and phenolic acid, which have anti cancer properties (Bowden 2007). It is also effective for lowering stress and blood pressure. This is due to the phytochemical phthalides which studies have shown to relax muscle in the arterial walls (Houston 2007).