In a pursuit to get into the shape she has always wanted, Jen Luckin hired Clarice House Personal Trainer Nolan Sunnassee to use his vast knowledge and experience to maximise her fat loss results.

Jen: I have always been conscious of having a balance diet and exercising regularly, although I tended to slip into periods when my body felt like I needed to binge on all those things we know are not good for us. Like most females, I had gained an extra tyre over the Christmas period despite I still maintaining regular exercise. As Spring and Summer approached I knew that I had to shed that tyre so that I would feel confident in my own skin.

I have tried most diets in the past and felt that I had a good grasp on what to eat and what not to eat to enable me to lose weight. So together with plenty of exercise I thought I had a plan; until I felt hungry and tired from under-eating, feeling I had little energy to exercise by the time I had finished a days work. I wasn’t sure which way to turn as I thought I had tried everything.

That was until my friend told me about her personal trainer Nolan, who uses scientific methods for impressive results. I could see the effects of her weight loss and thought that I would benefit from seeing him. Nolan has taught me a completely new way of appreciating food which has changed my outlook on how I fuel my body, and effective workouts; it’s not just about eating as little as possible and exercising as much as possible. The food I am eating is making me feel full up, alert, energised and healthy, and the exercises I do are geared to the results I am aiming for.

After 2 weeks on Nolan’s food and exercise plan I lost a whopping 11 lbs, but more importantly I felt so much better and more confident in myself.

Nolan: Jen asked me to help her lose weight but only had a short period to do this as she was going on holiday. The results in the pictures below were from only 2 weeks on the plan. She wanted to lose weight but in examining her nutritional intake it was obvious she was actually telling her body to put on weight! Nutrition is the foundation to your health and if your health is not as good as it could be it makes losing fat much harder. As in all consultations we examined her lifestyle, stress, sleep, nutrition and both dynamic and static movement. Her exercise was limited due to an injury from running, however what we could do was more effective than she had been doing before. Therefore the majority of change occurred when we reset her sleeping and eating patterns. Her binge eating was due to lack of nutrients in the body, in her case chocolate, which is a possible indictor of magnesium deficiency. Once we altered her eating to add more magnesium based foods her binging stopped.

Her statistics after 3 weeks were her weight dropped from 10 stone 4lbs to 9 stone 1lb (66kg to 58 kg) and her waist reduced by 10 cm.