Want to get the best results from your exercise? Then you need to ensure your movement is using the right muscles in the right sequences.

Anyone I have trained over the years will tell you that the most important part of improving any exercise is technique. Great technique will make the line of force from the exercise to be distributed more evenly through the body. This will make you stronger and enable you to handle better loads. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or train for a sport, using higher loads or intensity with excellent technique means you will reach that goal quicker.

When exercising, your muscles should work in specific sequences during each phase of the movement. The most important thing you should be asking yourself or your trainer should be asking you is, where do you feel the exercise? A movement may look exactly the same from an untrained eye but feeling the wrong muscles working may lead to overall loss of performance and injury. As we live in a sedentary driven world, from sitting at work or watching television at home, our muscles and nervous system have adapted to this environment. This does cause the wrong muscles to be overactive which may increase tightness and inflexibility in the body and the right muscles to be under active and lengthened.

So the take home message is: ensure you are moving right and feeling the right muscles work to get the right outcome.